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Skyline Appraisal Services LTD - Divorce Appraisals

Been there, done that; it’s not fun, but it happens. An appraisal is needed as part of your divorce property settlement (matrimonial purposes).

As per a real estate adviser who posted an article on bankrate.com (a reputable banking resource), it is recommended for both parties to mutually select an appraiser and for both parties to be present, if possible, when the appraisal is being done. It is not uncommon for one or both parties to try to get an appraiser to raise or lower the home’s value to serve his or her own individual purpose.

With everything else that is going on at this difficult juncture of your life, this is one of the last things you would need. If you feel your partner had an unethical or inaccurate appraisal performed on your property, have a second appraisal done by Skyline Appraisal Services just to be certain.

Robert Virsinger, CSA-R – Certified Appraiser #45000017123