Skyline Appraisal Services LTD - Selling Your Home

Pricing your home incorrectly could mean a long stay on the market, and pricing your house lower than what it is worth can be worse. Real estate agents will provide you with a Broker Price Opinion (B.P.O.), but that is not an appraisal and many have their own agenda. (I know because I am a realtor.) Some may want to price your house to entice you to give them the listing and many will price it low for a quick sale. Protect yourself and hire Skyline Appraisal Services.

When selling your home, buyers and refinancers often have problems when lenders use an appraisal management company who, in turn, use an appraiser who is not familiar with the neighborhood or an appraiser who lacks the experience to deliver credible results. Some management companies shop for the least expensive appraiser (to retain a larger profit) and that in turn results in a poor appraisal product.

By law, you are now entitled to a copy of your appraisal. As a seller or buyer, you can always request a second appraisal to challenge an inaccurate one. We are approved by most lenders, but always contact the lender to see if they will permit you to you to hire your own appraiser for a second opinion.

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