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Most localities determine your property tax burden based upon an ad-valorem assessment of the property's value. An assessed value is the market value or a percentage of market value determined by the assessor.

Property values are calculated through the use of the mill levy and the assessed property value. Mill rate is another term used for tax rate when the tax rate is expressed in tax dollars per every thousand dollars of assessed value. The mill levy is simply the tax rate levied on your property value. Tax levies for each tax jurisdiction in an area are calculated separately and then all the levies are added together to determine the total mill rate for an entire region. Generally, the city, county and school district each have the power to levy against the properties in their boundaries.

An assessor is not an appraiser and most are not licensed. It is possible your assessment is not accurate. In addition, property values have significantly declined from their highs. Many companies that grieve taxes just settle in court and submit less than full appraisals. That could cost you thousands in savings. You typically have to split the savings with the grievance company if you get a reduction. It is by no means necessary to have a tax reduction company file your grievance for you. The statute is written so that homeowners can file a grievance themselves.

Your property taxes never go up as a result of grieving your taxes, it is against the law. A full appraisal done by an experienced, licensed appraiser is given greater weight by the Board of Assessment Review. Pay your fair share, that’s all. In addition to saving money, your property becomes more attractive and affordable to a potential buyer.

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