Skyline Appraisal Services LTD - Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule for Select Business Services

One Family Residential - "U.R.A.R. 1004 Long Form"$300.00
Two to Four Family Residence "1025 Long Form" W/Operating Income Statement$450.00
One Family Update of Previous Appraisal (Completed by Skyline)$175.00
F.H.A. One Family Appraisal Report$350.00
F.H.A. Two To Four Family Appraisal Report$450.00
F.H.A. 203K Appraisal - Add $100.00 to Appraisal Fee$100.00
Condo (H.O.A. - P.U.D.) Appraisal "1073 Long Form"$300.00
Co-operative Interest Appraisal "1075 Long Form"$350.00
Two to Four Family Residential or Mixed Use Property (Store + Apts.). Done on "1025 Long Form" - W/Operating Income Statement$575.00
Income Producing Properties Done on "71-B Form"$850.00
Compliance and or Final Inspection Report $100.00
Drive By Re-Certification Of Value$100.00
Desk Review Of Appraisal$175.00
Field Review Of Appraisal$225.00
2055 or 2065 Form (" Interior & Exterior Inspection ")$200.00
2055, 2065 Or 2075 Form ("With No Interior Inspection")$175.00
Convert One Family Exterior "Drive by" To Long "1004." Form$175.00
Convert Two to Four Family Exterior "Drive by" To Long "1025" Form$275.00


Eastern L.I. (East Of Brookhaven Township) & Bronx County$100.00
*Single Family Comparable Rent Schedule$100.00
Estate Scale Homes (Homes Over 3,000 S.F.)$100.00
Water Front Properties - Add To Fee$100.00
Expert Court Testimony by Robert Virsinger (up to four hours)$500.00
Each Hour Thereafter (Offered for properties appraised by Robert Virsinger)$100.00
Trip Fee for Broken Appointments "No Show Fee"$ 50.00