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Robert VirsingerBuying a house, land, condominium or other real estate is probably the single largest investment decision you will make in your lifetime. A great number of people are directly or indirectly concerned with your purchase or your sale of the home. These people include the real estate agent, attorneys for the buyer and seller, banker and loan officer for the mortgage, and investors. Add to this the factors of changing property values, market trends and laws, and you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and alone!

The person to call, the person to trust, is the independent appraiser. An appraiser is a professional who can be called upon to provide an opinion on the current value of property being bought or sold. An appraisal could also be used for the future value of a property being built, value for mortgage lending and insurance purposes, value of a property involved in a legal dispute or disposition of an estate, verification of value for damage claims, tax assessments, and to establish the value of property being expropriated by the government. Because relevant data and sound reasoning substantiate the opinion offered by a professional real estate appraiser, it carries considerable weight.

A lending institution, company, or attorney may hire an appraiser to perform an appraisal for a variety of reasons, but a homeowner may also hire an appraiser to provide an independent and objective opinion of value. Both seller’s and purchaser’s desire a fair deal, neither to be undersold nor overpaid! In addition, homeowner’s should have to pay only equitable real estate and not have to continue to pay for private mortgage insurance when their equity has increased in proportion to their homes value! Please see my article regarding the elimination of P.M.I. Few people buy and sell residential real estate on a regular basis. Consequently, most do not have the talent of judgment needed to consider the utility of the real estate and estimate its value in a reliable manner. The purchase or sale of residential real estate may be one of the largest financial transactions a person will ever make, so the services rendered by the professional appraiser are especially significant.

Skyline Appraisal Services is committed to providing you with the most accurate value possible at the most affordable price. Our certified and licensed appraisers conform to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and will provide you with the best work product in the industry. You will receive a full appraisal, not a scaled down appraisal filled out on short forms or exterior forms. We will measure your house, not just use given information taken off of assessment records. Our firm would never take an appraisal request and farm it out to another firm for profit or send a trainee that could possibly cause more confusion and provide you with results that are not credible. How would you truly know? Shopping for price could be a costly mistake!

Robert Virsinger has been appraising real estate for over 25 years and is also a licensed real estate agent. Upon your request, Robert will be the appraiser who shows up at your door. He has undergone extensive training and is a senior member of the Columbia Society which upholds the strictest standards of discipline. Robert was trained by one of the best appraisal firms in the industry and ultimately incorporated and opened Skyline Appraisal Services in 1996. Robert was designated as an expert in the valuation of real estate by the Honorable John C. Bivona, New York State Suffolk County State Supreme Court.